Best Coast Opening at Future Shock in Portland, OR

Review and Photos by Cassidy Maley

Once upon a time in the colorful, thriving city of Portland, Oregon there was a group of three young female artists. They united from across the country, with one goal in mind, to throw a badass art show in one of the neatest little venues in a cute little corner of the city. On May 5th the Best Coast art show opened for the month of May at the record store and art venue Future Shock, in Southeast Portland. This show was curated by three powerhouse lady artists with well known reputations from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest Coast. Miranda Thomas, Mindie Gum-Grivell, and Katie Costa are three artists that you should get used to hearing about. Their styles are very unique, and each artist has qualities that stand alone in her work. This made the art show interesting. There was Miranda with her intricate detail in wood burning and also nature inspired paintings, which sits in contrast with Mindie’s very graphic, graffiti style of painting. And there’s Katie’s work, which to me brings back some thoughts of a more classic art style, with realistic renderings of faces mixed with some graphic touches. The three art styles, even though they were different, did not compete with each other but rather, complimented each other. The work fit perfectly with the background of records and gave attendees another reason to tour the entire store.

Their beautiful, intricate works of art have been displayed all month at Future Shock, and there’s still art that is up for sale. They have work that fits all price ranges as well as smaller work and print packages for sale. The opening night, featuring a DJ and the band Indyca from Indianapolis, who are now on a West Coast tour. (See more info here)

All month long, the ladies had been working together creating new works out in the expansive wilderness of the rolling hills and green grasses of Washington state. They got together one last time, at Future Shock on Friday May 25th. This was the last weekend that these beautiful works were available all together in one place, soon they will be traveling back to their respected corners of the USA. But not to worry, linked below are the respective places you can view, and purchase their art. Support your local artist, they need to eat too. More info here!

More work by Miranda Thomas


More Work by Mindie Gum-Grivell

More Work by Katie Costa