Metropolitan Fashion Week Seattle 2018

Written by and Photos by The Lewis Twins

Metropolitan Fashion Week Seattle 2018

Welcome Back

While some were boozing it up in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. We were being treated to a night of fashion by Metropolitan Fashion Week. The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) opened its doors to welcome back MetroFW 2018. After a four year hiatus, the emerald city was ready and waiting to embrace MetroFW’s creator, Edurado Khawam. Eduardo hosted the show alongside Niveen Heaton of Adicora Swimwear and Amy Yamada.

The evening began with strategically placing VIP’s, gift bags being handed out, and the usual giveaways (aka moments to acknowledge the donors). MetroFW divided the show into five parts. The first part featured “Coraźon de Mexico”, a collaboration by Fashion Designer Diego Medel and Costume Designer Ricardo Soltero. The collection brought the Día de Muertos vibes with stunning face paint which highlighted the jaw-dropping talent of the designers. The audience was embraced by vibrant colors, hand-stitched capes, voluminous dresses, and custom men's jackets.

The second part of the show spotlighted Getty Art Museum inspired masterpieces. This was a moment for Erick Bendana (masterful gown designer), Julie Danforth (PNW designer), Rita Mezrahi (celebrated movie costume designer), Giovanni Testi (celebrity menswear designer), Douglas Tapia (chic designer gowns), Marika of Kicka Custom (skilled Atelier and original costumes) , and Inoe Vargas (couture costume designer) to showcase pieces inspired by the museum. The designs showcased were beautifully sculpted. If each designer were given their own showcase for MetroFW 2019, we would gladly attend. The highlight from this part was Inoe Vargas’ Medusa dress. Medusa’s massive gold headpiece made from recycled materials, would cause a tear of joy to roll down any eco-friendly seattleites' Burt's Bees moisturized cheek.

The third part focused on Adicora Swimwear designed by co-host Niveen Heaton which featured the Jewelry line Cintli by Yarce. The well-endowed models bounced down the runway in weirdly placed body paint. With Adicora’s swimwear definitely being well made, the pieces looked like they would hold up to the wear and tear of summer. The one-piece swimsuits were pleasing to the eye. The decision to mix fabric textures throughout the collection was a smart choice. With such a small amount of fabric, they sure did a lot.

The city of Port Townsend was highlighted during part four of the show. The Port Townsend Wearable Art (PT Wearable Art Show) showed the awesome things that can be created to benefit a cause. PT Wearable Art Show began in 2011 to raise funds for Jefferson Community Foundation’s Fund for Women & Girls. This part of the show gave us Yo Gabba Gabba Flames, Spikey Tin Man, Paper Slinky, 50 Shades of Rainbow, Colorful Hula Hoop, and Underwater Ice Cream Cone. WE LOVED IT!

Part five was the crowning glory. Designer Erik Bendaña gave us “Gown with the Wind Grecian Fabulousness”. They say all an average girl needs is a little bit of money to glow up. We say, Erik Bendaña’s gowns will do that and more. Erik’s final look was a stunning golden winged out show stopper. This carnival-esque piece gracefully flowed down the runway, slapping VIP’s in the face with couture feathers. We’ve never seen GA standing ticket holders so pleased.

With the final walk of part five the fashion show ended. The slow stroll to the lack luster after party at the Four Seasons began. Being that MetroFW hasn’t been back to Seattle in four years, we will give the after party a pass. Next year will hopefully be better. The overall experience left things to be desired. The lack of skin tone variety was notable and the novice posing from a good number of the models was distracting. There were a few times when the end of the runway became crowded, but that could be solved by MetroFW partnering with Fashion District NW to help coordinate. Or by hiring a runway coordinator with more experience.

Gene Juarez provided the hair and makeup styling for MetroFW. The hairstyles were neat and fit the overall mood for each part. We’ve seen many shows in Seattle that didn't give hair and makeup the attention it needed. It can take a good show and make it great.

Edurado Khawam should be thanked for setting a bar for PNW fashion shows. We hope this is only the beginning. The PNW has the potential to be a fashion power house with a unique style. If only we’d thaw out the freeze and unite.

The next notable fashion event will be the Couture & Cars Fashion Show at the LeMay - America’s Car Museum Saturday July 21. We hope they’ll carry the torch passed by MetroFW. Tickets are on sale now!