TEACH Tells His Fans to Have a Good Day with His New Album

Written by Camden Meyers
Photos Provided by TEACH

TEACH Tells His Fans to Have a Good Day with His New Album

TEACH. In a typical context this means the act of passing on knowledge to someone who doesn’t already have it. In the case of Brandon Lomax, TEACH is a pseudonym, and instead of knowledge, he passes on hit music and inspirational lyrics to those who haven’t heard it. The name "TEACH" has a story behind it, which is ironic as Brandon considers himself a sponge, wanting to continually learn and grow, still thinking of himself a student. A Washington native, Brandon grew up in the South Sound with his family, where he graduated from schools in Tacoma, WA and began his musical journey within the local scene right here in the shadow of the Emerald City. TEACH, or tizzyteach as you would find him on social media, isn’t just about the music and lyrics, he is also a skateboarding professional and co-founder of the record label Dysfunctional Family and much more!

Brandon is releasing a brand new album titled Have a Good Day on May 20th of this year. He has seen a good deal of success with his musical endeavors thus far and with his previous albums, but TEACH told me in an exclusive interview that “There's so much feeling in this project. We did things the right way, it's going to be everywhere. With having this project done absolutely correctly it's not just a single I'm going to be putting out, the whole project is going to be everywhere, this is going to be my first studio album. I'm really excited for this project”. I was fortunate enough to be given permission to listen to three of the songs on the album in their entirety and I can vouch that this project is something you won’t want to miss. In his song “Peter Piper” he adds elements of modern-hit music similar to Migos and Future which immediately grab your attention and hold it not only for the whole track, but for the whole album. One of the components of TEACH’s music that I appreciate is his ability to talk about real-life situations in a positive way but also in a way that you can bob your head to while you’re driving down the road. What’s even more impressive is that this was very intentional, “I really enjoyed doing my song 'Butterflies' because I was just going through a lot at the time and so I was able to let out that feeling in the booth. I love them all [songs] because they all say something, it's going to be what catches people attention… they're going to bob their head to it,” he said. Once the album releases on all platforms, from Pandora to Soundcloud, TEACH will be busy touring around the West Coast of the United States.

Another facet of Brandon’s professional portfolio is his skateboarding career. Organically inspired as a teen Brandon got his start in skateboarding humbly, “I was a roller blade(r) and I had skateboarding friends that I hung around. I was in middle school I think it was... one night I literally had a dream that I was a skateboarder and I was pretty good at it in my dream so I woke up the very next morning and asked one my friends for a skateboard. I will remember that always,” he said. This was no obstacle for him as he quickly increased in both skill and style until he eventually scored a sponsor based out of California. Off to the races in his career, TEACH traveled to Los Angeles to compete up and down the West Coast in skateboarding competitions. He gained notoriety within the industry, and still plans to continue skating while he simultaneously pursues his music career. I asked TEACH to share which competition was his favorite and he said “I would say my favorite place to compete was probably Seattle because even though the California skate parks were cool… I had so much support from family and friends that showed up [to Seattle], .it was dope”. It seems fitting that this Washington native appreciated his competition in Seattle the most.

Aside from skating and creating music, TEACH also has a passion for supporting local artists in their journey’s toward achieving their dreams. With his co-founded record label Dysfunctional Family, TEACH works with his older brother to identify, mentor and develop new artists in the local scene "we also are priming for other artists to be a part of this label, we actually have a couple artists that we've been looking into to help mold and help them become the artists that they are going to be,” said Brandon. This passion is derived from a sincere desire to connect with other artists and collaborate for the betterment of both. With artists such as Jordan Rodriguez (MAYBEJAY) and TEACH, Dysfunctional Family is one local label to keep your eye on.