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Cure the Winter Blues with Bones and Jones’ Latest EP ‘In Blue’

Review by Izzy Petraglia

Album cover of Bones and Jones EP 'In Blue'

While combating the winter blues, Bones and Jones have added new music to their repertoire with their latest EP, In Blue. The five-piece band, well-acquainted within the music scene, has toured alongside acts like King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Twin Peaks, and The Nude Party. In Blue showcases the Australian alt-rock band’s blending of synth, garage rock, and folk across four experimental tracks.

The EP offers a mix of melancholic and blissful tracks, ideal for the transition from winter's depth to the early spring bloom. The band merges their signature folk and vintage rock sound from prior works into In Blue, while seamlessly blending elements of psychedelic rock.

The first single, "Need It," from the November 2023 release, serves as the perfect introduction to the project. It sets the tone for the rest of the EP, which will take listeners on a wave of emotions.

Bones and Jones photo by Kyle Dobie

Listening to In Blue, the transition between “Need It” and my favorite track, “Every Morning Every Evening," stands out. The synthesizers fade from the Strokes-esque "Need It" into the slow melody and twangy guitars of "Every Morning Every Evening," making this EP the perfect soundtrack for transitioning between the seasons.

The third track, “In Ya Nature,” picks up the energy that listeners hear in “Need It.” Synths introduce the song, echoing the conclusion of the EP’s opener. The band has discussed how their sound is influenced by vintage rock, citing artists like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. This track is where those influences, particularly The Rolling Stones, are most evident.

Finally, “Simple Passion” serves as a flawless conclusion to this EP, it captures the full essence of the new sounds they experimented with in this release. The ending to this EP gave me similar feelings to when I heard “Perfect Places” as the concluding track on Lorde’s album Melodrama, and “From the Dining Table” on Harry Styles’ debut self-titled album–it just fit in its place perfectly.

Overall, I believe In Blue is an extremely unique piece of work, and it cements Bones and Jones as a band that has the capability to master creating music that fits within multiple genres–a talent I always value in artists I listen to. While working through the winter blues into the coming of spring, give In Blue a listen!


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