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Dom Makes Magic With Vulnerable Single "Your Problems Are Mine"

Review by Izzy Petraglia

Photo by Sahil Kumar

Fresh and diverse talent continues to emerge from the Toronto music scene, and Dom is no exception. She took the first step in developing a long-lasting musical career with the release of her new single, "Your Problems Are Mine."

Upon graduating from Fanshawe College, Dom's musical talent was recognized with the Artist Development Award from the Music Industry Arts Program. After graduation, she spent time developing her sound and took a solo trip to Nashville. There, in a small downtown motel, she created "Your Problems Are Mine."

The heartfelt, melodic symphony of the song expresses the feelings of loving too hard and caring so deeply for a loved one that you want to ease their pain when life takes a difficult turn. Dom uses powerful storytelling to express her deep desire to take the pressure off someone's life when they feel ready to open up, drawing inspiration from legendary artists such as Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and Norah Jones. Listening to "Your Problems Are Mine" elicits feelings of support and compassion from Dom herself and alleviates feelings of apprehension, neglect, and loneliness.

She describes her writing process as a "token singer/songwriter" approach—sitting at the end of the bed and tinkering with guitar progressions until the melody finally felt right. The lyrics naturally found her as she navigated the uncertainties of her own love life and family. After spending time in a Nashville motel, she met with songwriters Vanessa Cartier and Shantaia Poulin to put the lyrics in their proper place and finalized the composition back home in Toronto with Harper Gordon and Aaron Paris.

Dom's talent for showcasing her heart, soul, and raw emotion stands at the forefront of this track for me. It's as if she's in the room, singing directly to you. She explains that, in terms of what to expect from her upcoming project, "the door is very open-ended." She confirms, "The energy will be up a notch or two," explaining that she has a compilation of soft, raw ballads and powerful, intense vocals that will make you want to get up and dance.

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