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Grace Potter with Brittney Spencer at The Showbox in Seattle | March 1st, 2024

Review and Photos by Camille Germain

Grace Potter playing The Showbox in Seattle on March 1, 2024 in support of her latest album 'Mother Road'

Grace Potter brought Seattle on an energy-fueled adventure during her stop at The Showbox on March 1st. She has been traveling the country on a national tour, delivering continuous stellar performances backed by an incredible four-piece band to support her latest album, Mother Road. Right from the start, the audience knew it was going to be a chaotic and thrilling show as they saw the stage adorned with Route 66 road signs, cacti, billboards, and other Southwest desert-themed installations. 

The night began with a powerful performance by Nashville-based and Baltimore native Brittney Spencer. Accompanied by two backing musicians, she entertained the audience for almost an hour with her powerful, sultry voice and playful anecdotes. Her first full-length album, My Stupid Life, released in January 2024, was a major contributor to her stories and setlist for the evening.

Brittney Spencer opening for Grace Potter at The Showbox in Seattle on March 1, 2024

Spencer might not have been the headliner, but the audience loved her. She gained many new fans during this performance. She is transforming norms in genres and her sound. Though she is classified as country, her sound is much more diverse, and blends hints of pop, R&B, and rock into a powerful, unique style all her own. 

She performed songs from her album, including hits “Bigger Than The Song” and “Night In.” She also included “a hundred years old” off her 2022 EP, if i ever get there: a day at blackbird studio. There was not a moment when she did not impress the audience with her commanding stage presence and rich, powerful voice. Brittney Spencer was the perfect introduction to a night of musical adventure.

Brittney Spencer opening for Grace Potter at The Showbox in Seattle on March 1, 2024

Grace Potter is a storyteller. This fact was evident the moment she graced the stage in a dramatic silhouette. She took center stage and kicked off the show with “Lady Vagabond” from Mother Road. This chaotic, unapologetic anthem of female empowerment set the tone for the rest of the night. Potter captivates everyone around her, from her powerful vocals to her entertaining anecdotes, antics, and infectious smile. When she’s not sharing a story, she’s giving advice: “All you need is water, a roadmap, and a hammer,” she said. “Take care of yourself and take care of the people next to you.”

Grace Potter performing "Lady Vagabond" at The Showbox in Seattle on March 1, 2024

Seattle experienced a range of songs from Potter’s solo collection, short covers, and older songs from Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. She demonstrated her diverse musical abilities with fun, quick-paced jams such as “Empty Heart” and “Ready Set Go,” and performed more soulful tunes like “Mother Road.”

There was a humorous little skit halfway through the set where some of Potter’s roadies entered the stage dressed as fire marshals, claiming the music was too loud. It allowed the band to take a break and leave the stage for her to perform an intimate acoustic set. “I think we are going to tone it down a bit,” she told the audience before playing the beautiful “Big White Gate.”

Grace Potter playing at The Showbox in Seattle on March 1, 2024

After the emotional solo, Potter brought Brittney Spencer back to the stage to perform Potter’s “Little Hitchhiker” and then Spencer’s song “Reaching Out.” They shared sweet stories about meeting and their love for each other. It was a special moment when two extremely talented artists celebrated one another.

The crowd reached their peak of excitement during “The Lion The Beast The Beat” when Potter had them sing part of the song. She instructed, “Are you ready? Will you sing with me? Are you sure? You don’t need to know how it goes; you just can yell like a crazy person, and it will sound awesome, I promise.” This dynamic song provided the perfect thrill before the four-song extended encore.

Grace Potter playing at The Showbox in Seattle on March 1, 2024

Grace Potter and drummer Jordan West returned to a dimly lit stage with simple blue and white lights to perform “Nothing But The Water (I & II)” together. The energy and connection between the two were incredible as they rocked out so hard that West split her finger open with the drum sticks but kept playing. They were joined by the rest of the band for the remaining songs of the night: “Stop The Bus,” “Stars,” and “Paris (Oh La La).”

Potter's powerful vocals filled the air with emotion and energy throughout the night. Her fans were captivated by the intensity and passion of the performance. It was the type of show where each song took the audience on a journey through resilience, heartache, and triumph. One of the best aspects of this set was the undeniable chemistry she had with her bandmates.

Grace Potter playing at The Showbox in Seattle on March 1, 2024

Grace Potter delivered an unpredictable, exciting, and authentic performance that kept the audience engaged. Each song and anecdote took Seattle on a wild ride. It was a must-see show, featuring cute skits, incredible musicianship, and fantastic stage setup and lighting.


Grace Potter


Brittney Spencer