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Mogwai at The Showbox in Seattle | November 24, 2017

Review and Photos by Camille Germain

The show started off slow and steady with dj Xander Harris, whose gothic style was matched with a single spotlight and various ambient red lights floating in from the room. Slow at first, the crowd started to bob against the barricades, gradually increasing to a loud thumping of feet. Xander Harris and Mogwai are very contrasting artists, but despite that Xander Harris warmed the crowd up and got everyone moving in a perfect unison of bodily expression. Each set had a different atmosphere that complimented one another, with Xander Harris a more simple, monolithic introduction to the complexity of Mogwai. With beer at his side, Xander Harris moved steadily in cohesion with each twist of a knob, feeling the music amplify. He was the perfect pinch of electronic music to entice the audience.

Waiting for Mogwai to come on stage you could see the stage props lined up and ready to be lit up, large boxes with rectangular inlets that appeared to be a material similar to foil. As Mogwai came onto the stage to a screaming crowd, instantly they began to play like a switch was flipped on. Mogwai is a band that simply makes you feel happy. They are an echo chamber of excellence where their sound is clear and focused. It resonates with precision. Throughout the set the music elevated my heartbeat as I could feel each beat vibrate in my flesh.

Mogwai is a band that started off doing what they wanted through a very interactive pursue of art and willingness to work hard. Hauling from Scotland, they are well-known throughout the world and have been fine-tuning and developing their intricate music for more than 21 years. They have grown in sound, each album bringing its own life and story. Even with eight studio albums, their post rock facade has remained. This is a band that has never broken up or given up on their willingness to better themselves and their sound.

The entire set was very layered. Intrancing. It was both heavy and fluid, and peaceful yet angry. It was invitingly complexed throughout its entirety. The loud base vibrations tickled my ear drums, as if telling them to wake up. This was a show filled with harmonic static lost in fog. Mogwai is a beautiful enigma. Their sound goes beyond post rock, delivering sounds that make you think and feel. They are emotive.

The night consisted of constant guitar switches and double keyboards, with members alternating instruments. They were very serious looking, but due in part by the intense music they played. The band only stopped to thank the audience for coming out a couple of times, playing a wholehearted set. They seemed to truly feel their music and lose themselves into it just like every other person in the room.

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