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MUNA with Nova Twins at Showbox SoDo in Seattle | April 17th, 2023

Review and Photos by Camille Germain

Playing the first headlining show of the Life’s So Fun Tour, MUNA sold out the Showbox SoDo far in advance. The second the doors opened, the room filled with almost 2,000 excited fans smushed together impatiently waiting for 8:00 to hit.

Hailing from London, duo Nova Twins landed in Seattle the same day of the show. If there was any jet lag, you never would have known. They performed with perfection their entire set. Already a big name in the UK, these two women are making their place across America as the supporting act for MUNA’s 2023 tour.

Playing a variety of songs from their discography, their set had many songs off of their 2022 album, Supernova including hits “Antagonist” and “Cleopatra.” With such a versatile and dynamic sound, Nova Twins brought the venue to life. It didn’t matter that their music greatly contrasted MUNA’s, the audience loved them.

Opening up a pit space, Amy Love pointed and gestured to the middle of the room and said, “You can use this space to mosh or twerk or whatever,” which aligns with their genre-bending music filled with bass heavy nu metal, punk, R&B, and electronica. The UK-Based alt-rock duo are worth the experience.

Before MUNA strutted onto the stage, the crowd was in an uproar. Screams filled the room as the stage went dark and billows of smoke rolled out. Low red lighting quickly lit the stage as each member came out one by one. Starting the night off with “What I Want,” the trio were instantly electrifying.

MUNA is simultaneously empowered and cute by the way they move around the stage and exchange affectionate looks to one another. Their love for each other and their music truly shines and makes the experience seeing them live that much more special. The trio shared this same affection with their fans as they smiled, pointed, and gave suggestive looks to them, making them cheer each time. There is a fantastic mix of sexual energy and wholesome love that MUNA exudes during their performance. Through their song lyrics, personalities, and stage presence, they showcase that humans are complicated and can still have acceptance and a safe space.

There is little better than fun, danceable synth-pop with raw, unapologetic lyrics that create a balanced experience. This experience is thrown at you in three-dimension during their live performance. Unlike the polished and soft MUNA on record, live they are explosive and full of excitement. Both experiences deliver a rich sound with clean vocals and endless talent.

“I’m realizing that it does feel vulnerable to play older songs. I have this thing where it’s like if they like the new album we should play the new album.” Katie Gavin said about playing “So Special” for the first time in six years. The trio then introduced “Winterbreak” by Gavin saying “We’re going to play an old song but change everything about it.”

In true encore form, MUNA waited until the very end to play favorites, “I Know A Place” and “Silk Chiffon.” The audience went wild and were singing “Silk chiffon, that's how it feels, oh, when she's on me!” well after the show ended, continuing down the street.

MUNA is a must-see performance. Their show had all the elements that made an incredible concert. It also had community and authenticity. These queer icons are continuing to rise and deliver magnetic music and shows. If you weren’t in love with them before, then you will be after seeing them live.

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