Music Lovers in a Dangerous Time

The positives of a virtual concert experience.

When a musician picks up their first guitar, they don’t usually dream of headlining their living room. But, with a global pandemic in our midst, the only options are to adapt or unplug. 

It’s time to embrace out-of-the-box thinking. We may not be able to re-create the packed, sweaty atmosphere of a live show anytime soon. But there are ways to keep warm in the meantime. 

In the words of Canadian singer-songwriter Hawksley Workman, we will still need a song. And we may learn something.

Virtual Music Shows Are Accessible

The hardest thing for a performer to get used to is the lack of feedback. It’s a challenge to get the energy flowing when there’s no one to feed off of. But if they give it their all, audiences will be grateful. And streaming platforms let everyone in on the fun.

As fun as a live concert is, it’s not always accessible. Many venues present challenges for differently-abled people. They may also be overwhelming for those with sensory issues. Parents without access to childcare are often left out of the fun as well. 

In some ways, this was a cue the entertainment world needed. These digital concert options have existed for years. It’s exciting to finally see them utilized. Even under less than ideal circumstances.

More Money in an Artist’s Pocket

Performers may need to invest in some new equipment. But there aren't many overhead costs for online shows. 

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch all have free options for live streaming. Youtube even has a “premier” option for pre-records. 

Sponsored social ads are affordable, so it isn’t hard to get the word out. Ticketing sites like Eventbrite tend to offer promotional options.

Without venue rental, a little goes a long way. So artists can lower their ticket prices and offer more "seats." It is, potentially, a profitable time to be an entertainer.

A Novel Approach

Since it would be impossible to do the same old, why not embrace something new? 

Independent artists can enjoy the intimacy of a backyard show. This brings in a nice blend of a small live audience, and extra revenue from an online stream.

Larger scale artists are making the old new again with live shows at the drive-in. Tickets range from $100-300 per car, making it more affordable for fans to see their favorite acts.

The Tomorrowland concert series promises to take advantage of technology. They've created a futuristic fantasy venue for artists like Steve Aoki and Katy Perry. Guests are encouraged to have their pod over for an at-home festival experience.

People are restless, and they want something to do with their free time. It's a great opportunity to experiment and try something different.


There is no substitute for a live performance, but that doesn’t mean musicians are out of work. This is a chance to build a new audience and provide entertainment in uncertain times.


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