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Adi Oasis with Payge Turner at Madame Lou's in Seattle | April 1st, 2023

Review and Photos by Camille Germain

Making Seattle the eighth stop on her tour, Adi Oasis delivered an uncompromising performance full of energy and authenticity. Celebrating her new album (Lotus Glow, released on March 3rd, 2023), the bassist and singer brought her Lotus Glow Tour 2023 to Madame Lou’s on April 1st where a small room filled with excited fans, who danced the entire show.

Supporting Adi Oasis was Seattle-based musician, Payge Turner. Turner was the perfect opening act with her raw, powerful, and intimate performance that balanced the highly groovy set of Adi Oasis, while also sharing the beautifully unapologetic soul and vocal strength.

Turner delivered on every song and anecdote. This was an emotive sit down, singer-songwriter experience that allowed the audience to share vulnerability. She brought the room to tears and laughter from instructing everyone to close their eyes to fully embrace sadness to assigning clapping with humorous commentary about time signatures. Payge Turner is a talent and an artist to watch!

Adi Oasis is a badass. Strutting the stage without hesitation, she did not miss a beat. Her confidence, bass, and vocals took over immediately. Accompanied by a keyboardist and a drummer (keys - Ben Jamal Hoffman, drums - DRUVVY), this three-piece brought to life the energy of Lotus Glow.

“There are a lot of songs about being a bad bitch. About being whoever the fuck you want to be,” Adi Oasis said in between songs about her latest album. This statement sums up the energy that she delivers during each performance, her recorded music, every interview, and every social media post she makes. Part of being a bad bitch is being authentic and uncensored. She shared with us a piece of herself and her history with each lyric and note played. Her story is her power. From themes of female empowerment, black resilience, being an immigrant, growing up in the projects, and so much more, her voice connects people. “This is for all those who have felt like they didn't fit in. That there was something better for them than what society wrongfully assigned. Those who dare to dream.” she said about Lotus Glow on her Instagram.

One of my favorite songs from the night was “Multiply” from Lotus Glow. This song truly got the funk vibrating the room. Adi Oasis made her way to the edges of the stage, smiling and waving at her fans as she danced. The entire audience moved with the music while cheering loudly to each song. This was one of my favorite performances to experience. If you love R&B, neo-soul, funk, and powerful female vocalists, Adi Oasis is a must see!

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