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K. Flay with Cam Kahin at Madame Lou's in Seattle | March 24th & 25th, 2024

Review and Photos by Camille Germain

K. Flay performing at Madame Lou's in Seattle on March 25, 2024 for her 'Mono' album

K. Flay delivered two unforgettable nights at Madame Lou’s in Seattle with her Mono: Live in Stereo tour on March 24th and 25th. She brought two high-powered performances filled with raw energy. Each night featured a boxing theme that was paired with dynamic lighting. She created an immersive experience that took sold-out audiences on an explosive journey.

Before each performance, excited fans filled the venue early for a VIP Meet and Greet—an event K. Flay includes on all her tours. This connection with her followers emphasizes the mutual appreciation and shared enthusiasm integral to her shows. Although both evenings were sold out, the second night had a larger crowd that filled the space with tremendous energy.

Cam Kahin and his band, hailing from Toronto, kicked off both nights with a dynamic set of alt-punk and fuzzy progressive garage rock. Despite this being their first time playing in Seattle, fans excitedly cheered for them. They set the tone for the evening with their energetic and fun performance.

Cam Kahin opening for K. Flay at Madame Lou's in Seattle on March 25, 2024

Each night, they played songs “compass,” “birds,” and “what are you waiting for” from their 2023 album WHEN IT'S ALL OVER, energizing the audience and creating an electric atmosphere with each note. They had a strong and endearing stage presence filled with playful interactions and smiles. The band clearly enjoyed themselves and aimed to ensure everyone in the room felt the same.

Cam Kahin opening for K. Flay at Madame Lou's in Seattle on March 25, 2024

K. Flay’s set began the same way each night. The lights dimmed, and spotlights illuminated the stage as she entered, dressed in a boxing robe, gloves, shorts, tank top, and makeup to resemble injuries from a previous match. A faux announcer introduced her as fighting herself, Mono vs Mono. The crowd screamed as she turned to show "The Punisher" on the back of her robe and punched the air to the intro beats. The audience roared as she gained momentum.

K. Flay performing at Madame Lou's in Seattle on March 24, 2024 for her 'Mono' album

Both nights began with “Are You Serious?” followed by “Raw Raw,” “Can't Sleep,” and her latest single, “Carsick,” setting an exhilarating tone. The setlist was largely consistent, with minor variations, particularly in the closing songs. “We are here to do a couple things: the first is to celebrate ‘Mono’ and secondly, we are here to completely lose ourselves.” She added, “I really want you to inhabit your authentic self. You can sing, you can cry, you can be a fucking weirdo, you can do anything!”

At every K. Flay show, you can expect a unique and fun experience. She puts immense energy and thought into every aspect, from audience interaction to wardrobe and themes. Both nights were great, but as a pair, they were cohesive and complemented each other with different tones and moods. The first night, K. Flay wore a white boxing outfit with tarot card patches for Judgment and The Lovers on her shorts. The second night, her outfit was black with the tarot card patches changed to Death and The Devil.

K. Flay performing at Madame Lou's in Seattle on March 24, 2024 for her 'Mono' album

The tour focused on healing and authenticity. She engaged with her audience, sharing anecdotes between songs. After each set of shows, she conducted a burning ceremony for her fans' written burdens. She had a collection box at the merch stand that invited attendees to jot down what they want to get rid of this year, which were then burned at a secure location (mostly parking lots), emphasizing her messages of honesty and perseverance. Each night included a meditative session, where she instructed the audience to visualize things they wanted to let go of, and then see those things as a balloon being filled up and released in the atmosphere to be gone forever. Breaking the silence, she exclaimed, “Alright, this is not a meditation retreat, it’s a fucking rock show!”

K. Flay performing at Madame Lou's in Seattle on March 25, 2024 for her 'Mono' album

Each night, K. Flay re-emerged for the encore wearing the same boxing robe she had donned at the start. She energized the crowd with punches timed to the opening beats of “Perfectly Alone.” She ended the show with the same charisma as she opened with. Seattle buzzed with excitement over two powerful and intimate evenings where K. Flay fostered shared vulnerability, and undeniable connections with her audience. Her unapologetic honesty and raw portrayal of personal struggle continues to invite others to accept growth and compassion. Embrace your true self and be a fucking weirdo.


K. Flay March 24th

K. Flay March 25th


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