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Lightning in a Bottle Artists to Watch

By Lauren Beck

Lightning in a Bottle, held in Central California at Buena Vista Lake, goes from May 25th through May 30th, 2022. The music festival has been held on and off since 2000, when it originated as a private event for a birthday celebration. Lightning in a Bottle became an open event until that name in 2004. The event's founders and producers refer to themselves as Do LaB, an events business based out of Los Angeles. The location of the event has changed over time, Gold Creek Ranch, Santa Barbara (2006-2008), Silverado (2010-2012), Winchester (2013), Bradley (2014-2018), Buena Vista Lake (2019). This is a long time coming for loyal attendees and those who dreamt of festivals they’d finally be able to attend after they started to slowly return since the start of the pandemic. Where music fans come from all over for a wide variety of performances, workshops, campground experiences, and more. Attendees will have the option to camp in their car, RV, or tent, or just show up and leave each day. The lineup has a hefty set of artists booked, and some artists to look out for this year are Big Wild, Ivy Lab, Eli & Fur, Mr. Carmack, and SG Lewis.

Big Wild

Originally from Lancaster, Massachusetts, Jackson Stell, AKA Big Wild, is not only a producer, but also a songwriter, lyricist, and vocalist. To be a unique solo act in today's electronic music festival circuit, you have to bring something to the table to separate yourself from the rest. Blending different elements of music live and on the fly is always a sight to see, and we should look forward to a brilliant performance of his at this year's LIB. Check out his last album, Superdream, to get a feel for the sound. Growing up and beginning his experience in music production at the age of 14, you can hear the wide range of different influences in his work. When he performs, you can see the care he puts into what he does and so naturally too. For me, this is a unique sound during the event that you wouldn't want to say you missed out on.

Ivy Lab

Those into bass music, do yourself a huge favor and go catch this act if you aren't aware already. Out of the UK, what used to be a trio (Sabre, Stray, and Halogenix) who came together for experimentation in the bass scene, is now a duo project (Sabre & Stray). Difficult to classify, Ivy Lab won't cease to amaze with heavy hitters and left-field productions. The track production from this project is so heady with classics like "Cake” and "When I Go.” Anytime there is a chance to see what these two have been cooking up should always be taken. For LIB, I expect them to take full advantage of that crowd energy resonating from bass fans making sure to hear this set.

Eli & Fur

From London England, Eli & Fur (Eliza and Jennifer Skillman) are making a stop at LIB during the beginning of their Summer Tour. Last year, the duo put out the 12-track album titled Found in the Wild, which is packed with quality house production mixed with the act's signature vocals. Another track they recently put out, "My Shadow,” could be the promise of more production throughout the year. If there are a couple of choice places to test out some new or unreleased tracks, this event is one of them. Together as teens, they shared a grounding in songwriting that transitioned into production, becoming DJs, and even starting their own record label, NYX Music. This has landed the group's talents not only at clubs and festivals but even at fashion shows for Christian Dior. Looking forward to a proper house set with the unmistakable sound they have managed to consistently hold down throughout their careers.

Mr. Carmack

Bay Area raised, Aaron Carmack, AKA Mr. Carmack, always brings a raw sound fitting to the circles of Team Supreme and Soulection. His particular approach to music production is dance music and hip hop focused and finds inspiration from traveling. LIB is a familiar stage for him and will be comfortable on home turf here, which can only be a good thing. He has a distinct gritty bassy sound at times during "DIMEPIECE" or "Uppers" that set him apart, as well as his ability to create warm melodies like "At Night" or "All These Flags.” For a quality set, with a variety of rare soulful and melodic beats, you will want to catch this act.

SG Lewis

Looking forward to English singer-songwriter, musician, and record producer out of Reading England, with a beginning as a resident DJ at Chibuku in Liverpool. SG Lewis was able to witness a diverse assortment of artists as a resident DJ and signed a record deal in 2014 with PMR Records that also had releases from Disclosure and Cyril Hahn around that time. Most recently, his album titled Time, released via Virgin EMI and PMR records in early 2021 has guest appearances from Channel Tres, Lastlings, Nile Rodgers, and more. His sound can range from synth pop funk, to alternative R&B. He also produced a track for G-Eazy's album, No Less. Don't miss out on SG Lewis if you're looking for a more groovy feeling set!



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