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MO at Showbox SoDo in Seattle ​| January 28th, 2019

Photos and Recap by Antone Patterson

Last night MO performed to a packed and energetic crowd at the Showbox SoDo in Seattle. Right from the start, the band brought enough energy to fill the stuffed warehouse. Kicking off with a few of their major hits, they never let up during the whole show. They formed a mutual connection with the audience that the crowd will remember for years. Aided by an incredible lighting package, MO’s sound kept on making me realize that they are easily just one hit away from major stardom. Rarely does the mix of great music, lights, and an amazing crowd come together to create a truly memorable show. MO succeeded in telling their story and providing amazing little moments for the crowd. Lead singer, Annie Ashcroft, made her way into the crowd at multiple times bringing individual energy and creating special members for the audience. I can’t wait to see them again and, can’t wait to see where their career and talents take them.

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