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Now, Now at The Crocodile in Seattle | July 30, 2018

Review by Camille Germain | Photos by Marissa Bowen

Quickly the room filled to see Now, Now perform at the intimate Crocodile in Seattle where there are no barricades to keep you away from connecting with the artist(s). Already you could see their own fog machines and lights set up on the stage, telling us that they meant business. Before Now, Now came on stage we were greeted with the opener, WENS who truly set the tone for the night. On her first tour, WENS brought energy, passion, and raw talent. A beautiful woman with a goofy attitude and laid back style. The two touring acts cohesively brought the audience alive, despite being almost completely different in sound. With a plethora of unique songs, WENS captivated a set of new fans with her authentic love of music. At one point she even did a cover of Katy Perry’s “E.T.”, rendition where I found myself singing along and enjoying it.

After WENS left the stage we waited for Now, Now to emerge. Before the duo appeared on stage there was slow music and low lights, anticipating their entrance. The second they appeared, they started playing, and you felt almost instantly touched by how genuine this band is. The stage was simply a floor where they could take over and forget their insecurities. You’ve got KC Dalager with her shy body language and pure smile and the steady, yet powerful beats of drummer Brad Hale. The soft vocals does not mean they are soft in performance, quite the opposite actually. This duo throws out their best and their audience gives it right back. Which they deserve. Now, Now is a mixture of humble and full force of excitement.

Throughout the set KC Dalager would voice her shy side when she’d say “I’m freaking out right now” every time the crowd would uproar. By the end, the audience would scream even louder to encourage her, to the point she could not speak over them. “You guys are crazy, thank you!” she said after nervously tilting her head down and showing a huge, genuine smile. With that smile came tears of, hopefully, happiness that overcame her. These musicians are definitely deserving of the love they experienced that night.

After just releasing their new album Saved Now, Now seems to be embracing their growth as a band and national/international touring sensation. After playing in the open sea at Parahoy!, Now, Now took on their biggest headlining tour yet. They’ve taken their time to restructure and build a new, full sound with lyrics that draw you in completely. Their production on this new album is solid throughout its entirety, and watching them perform their songs live truly illustrates how much they gave to create them.

There were fun moments where the band formed a line in front of the drum kit and danced in sync, ending on the last note of the song frozen in a sort of freeze frame trip-squat. Throughout the night KC would also acknowledge her mother who had flown in to support her daughter, saying things like “In this next song I say fuck a lot. I don’t know where you are mom, but I’m sorry.” and thanked her for being there multiple times.

Now, Now ended their night by KC Dalager leaving the stage and walking into the audience, with her hair flipped over her face. She sang to and with her fans purely, taking the time to connect in the middle of the room. She laid on the floor with her entire audience looming over her where she continued to sing with immense emotion.This audience showed their support of her emotional journey. Now, Now puts on a show and leaves you with a smile stamped onto your face. This was a performance I felt truly lucky to have experienced.

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