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Ones to Watch: The Get Alongs and New Album 'Weather Permitting'

By Izzy Petraglia

The Get Alongs collage image by Izzy Petraglia

The four-piece band The Get Alongs has solidified its place in Toronto’s rock music scene over the last six years. If you're unfamiliar with the band, you won’t be for much longer, as they're the ones to watch in 2024, especially after releasing their first LP, Weather Permitting.

The band consists of Harrison Pickernell (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Rory Pickernell (lead guitar and backing vocals), Eric Wood (bass and backing vocals), and Tristan Catenacci (drums). Formed in 2017, they deliver a mix of surf, garage, and psychedelic rock. This long-term group of friends creates a distinctive musical experience with their unique sound reflecting inspirations from alternative rock to old-school country.

Album cover of 'Weather Permitting' by The Get Alongs

Weather Permitting marks their first album release, following their EPs Good Morning and Tossing Stones, and features a ten song, self-released collection that blends their distinctive sound with shoegaze elements. “The Roller” stands out as a personal favorite, presenting the perfect blend of ambient music with danceable beats. This is especially captivating during their live performances.

The experience of a TGA live show is unparalleled. They have cultivated an audience of friends, family, and fans through their consistent effort and enthusiasm for their performances since their debut. You never know what to expect at a show. Everyone is always thrilled to be there, from mosh pits to crowd-surfing and non-stop dancing, they are having the time of their lives. The band’s passionate display of their music and constant expressions of gratitude inspire people to keep showing up for them.

The band is poised for a successful 2024 as they continue their six-year journey of dedication, and anticipate working on new releases for the future. Stay tuned for The Get Alongs—they’re set to capture everyone’s attention. Their debut album, Weather Permitting, is available now!

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