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Right On Time by Sebastian and the Deep Blue

Song Review by Sheldon Hubbard

“Right On Time” by Sebastian and the Deep Blue is a dreamy display of their vision into more of an indie pop sound. Compared to most of their discography, you won’t find much of a mixture between classical pop and driving folk-rock elements. Rather, you’ll receive a sound experience that lays witness to their broad reach. “Right On Time” is produced seamlessly and is the kind of song that can take over any aux cord, friendly gathering, or sink full of dishes that needs tackling.

This song is well paced and feels like strolling through the neighborhoods in a quaint small town, just far enough from 'the city' to be comfortable. If legend John Hughes (R.I.P.) made movies in the 2020s, this would be a top track I’d expect to hear. And just like a Hughes’ classic, it sticks with you and has you dancing without realizing it.

“Right On Time” is a fresh squeezed reflection into constantly being on ‘go-mode,’ or ‘auto-pilot’. It’s also just as much a friendly reminder to take action into easing life’s sometimes harrowing tension. Canorous programming weaves tightly between serene instrumentation and calming vocals that carry you with the fluffiest stride. This song hugs your eardrums with a warm hook, soft progressions, and feathery ambiance. It still shows off the cohesive brain that Barry and his band of merry music makers have brought to life over the years, while proving they can most likely notch any experimental soundscape into their utility belt of melody molding.

If your first exposure to Sebastian and the Deep Blue is “Right On Time," you should keep diving deeper into their music. They’ve got the joules to kick up the nauts while they swim sweetly through your noggin. They may even settle the stormy seas of your psyche for at least four minutes. Be it a series of singles to come or another full length album, eyes are best kept on this symphonic Stackhouse and all they have to offer.


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