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Safe Bet by Nick Droz

Review by Julia Massey

Nick Drodowicz (Nick Droz) is back in action with a full length, rip-roaring LP called Safe Bet. His new work chronicles his creative path between Austin and Seattle over the last six years.

The entire album is energized and full, much like the stud-horse on the cover. Throughout the collection of songs, the listener is told a dynamic story that resonates with anyone who has experienced a major change in life and is processing the person who they have become. Joined by an impressive list of credits including, but not limited to, Moe Provencher (engineer), co-producer Mike Catts (bass), Rick Weber (drums), Olivia Claire (backing vox), Wes Weddell (guitar), and Lucien LaMotte (pedal steel); it’s clear that a community was involved in this project.

Don’t miss “Goodrich Blues,” whose breaks and stops in the rhythmic lines force you to dance, even in a chair. Then there’s the glorious harmonies in the chorus. Those days “spent in an office chair” feel very far away by the end of this tune.

“Demolition” presents a ballad that has the power to bring everyone together. Drodowicz croons, “Hope that you know better/Take it on the chin/The gift of self destruction is/The chance to try again.” This sentiment is easily reflected in the beautiful progressions lying underneath heart-wrenching melodies.

Safe Bet, taken as a whole reflects a musician who is ready to reflect on his journey to this point. And he does this with honesty and well-crafted songwriting, so don’t forget to read the lyrics with these songs. Hats off to Nick Droz with this worthy gamble of quality time spent with music.

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