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Vol. 1 by Sunset Club

Review by Julia Massey

At first listen, Sunset Club: Vol. 1 manifests images of the Endless Summer trailer in your head. The cool, dreamy vibes of the wake and water, and the effortless pursuits of the surfers are somehow transcribed into voice through Olivia Nordeng: in fact, she sings in French on the first track,“Checkmate”and it immediately transports you to a beach on the Mediterranean. This Seattle local LoFi Rock band uses smooth vocals and a clean sound to their advantage. They draw you in. You feel relaxed. And then you are ready to dance slowly, hips swaying beat to beat. They make you feel all of the sunny sexiness that accompanies surfing and beach life in “Like a Dove” which hosts a soulful, pop-sensibility reminiscent of Morcheeba.

Sunset Club is accompanied by the sometimes spare, but always essential choices of guitarist Eric Habermeyer, which is evident when Vol. 1 unfolds into “Cyber Crush." It is here that Nordeng showcases her range alongside the versatile and creative capabilities of drummer Nick Drozdowicz.

Joined by the band’s skillful bassist, Greg Nordeng (yes, they are married!) the rhythm section proves to be up to the task of creating a warm, sonic bedrock for the band. Indeed, “Sea Shanty” explores a Celtic musical influence, but the listener is still at the beach; it’s just on the coast of Wales for a few minutes.

When the final track “Coconut Oil” reaches your ears, you’re reminded of what Sunset Club delivers at all of their live shows: a party. Throughout the EP you can tell the formidably talented Moe Provencher shines on the record as producer as well. You can almost hear the conversations she had with the band as they discovered their chill, yet exciting sound.

Here’s looking forward to Vol. 2. Sunset Club will showcase their new EP with their release party on February 7 at The Sunset Tavern in Seattle. Check out a couple of their new songs here. You can find them on social media through Facebook and Instagram. For more information on their EP release party go here.



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