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Want to write for us?


Here is how to do it...


1) Find a story.

    (topic ideas: artist feature, concert review, event preview, editorial essay, etc.)


2) Make it happen.

    (And go beyond text... multimedia pieces with video, soundslides, photo galleries, etc.)


3) Edit.

-Research and fact check all your material

-Use attribution (ie: According to...)

-Use proper grammar and spelling. This is an online magazine but our work is still a professional media outlet.

-DON’T FORGET: to get accurate spelling of names, places, correct dates, etc.


4) Guidelines:

            -Photo Guide: RGB, 72 Resolution, JPG Files


            -Album reviews need to be within a week of release

            -Previews need to be at least a week in advance

            -For opinion pieces, please use facts not just rant

            -Reviews/Previews need to be 400+ words

            -Profiles need to be 1,000+ words

            -Word count is flexible to individual pieces, but please keep in mind your audience’s attention span.


5) Email:

           -subject: SUBMISSION_submissiontype

           -Please include your name and contact info

           -Please include a submission outline of your work

           -Send to:


6) Re Edits.

           -Please be prepared to revise any edits that we send back






Thank you for working with us.

Our goal is for all local artists and writers to be published without censorship.

Just please stay classy and keep material tasteful.

Keep in mind the piece needs to professional and of interest to readers.


-Camille & Lacy

Co founders and Producers, Dive In Magazine



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