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A Look at the PeacefulPinder

Written by Camden Meyers

Photos Provided by PeacefulPinder

Authenticity is a quality hardly found in today’s society. Any form of social media or entertainment enterprise will show you a carefully chosen glimpse into the vast reality of life; you see the glam, you see the milestones, you see the victories, and you see the prizes won from the hard work of others. Some consider this level of content to be inspirational, I beg to differ. With fast inspiration comes fleeting motivation as you come to realize that the carrot isn’t really on a stick in front of your face, but miles down the road. The only way to get there is to put your head down, make a plan and take one step at a time until you look up one day and realize that you made it. This everyday grind is the sort of authentic journey you will see from PeacefulPinder. You can look at his social media and see a Rolls-Royce Ghost, but you’ll also see the story behind it. You can check his Instagram and see the thousands of followers, but you’ll also how each one of them is individually connected to PeacefulPinder in some way. You can watch him playing on mesmerizing stages, but you’ll also see the pain, and triumph in his eyes as the spotlight illuminates them. It’s this unsurpassed authenticity that truly inspires and motivates in the long run.

PeacefulPinder started writing poetry at age six, and was an outlet for him during a time in his life that was surrounded by chaos. His dad wasn’t in a position to be present and although physically present, his mom was battling her own demons. In order to stay out of trouble, and just to stay safe, Peaceful Pinder would spend hours in the library with his nose in the books or his pen on the paper. Little did he know that years later, at the age of 18, his love for writing would transform into a love for music and hip-hop. It’s this passion paired with the familiarity of fighting through adversity that would lead him to where he is today: an artist loved by thousands, signed with a record label in New York City, about to drop his debut album and on the cusp of potentially beginning a nationwide tour.

Inspired by artists like Nas, Chance The Rapper, Logic, Toby Keith and Elton John, PeacefulPinder began freestyling at age 18 while working full-time at a prestigious Personal Wealth Firm in Seattle. With his knowledge of life, books, and financial investment he could have stayed with this multi-million dollar firm and led a successful life as a Financial Analyst and Wealth Manager but that just wasn’t his dream. In October of 2016 his stint in the world of Wealth Management came to an end as he embarked on a mission to empower and encourage others toward positivity with his music. He believes that “as an artist, art of your wealth” so in some ways maybe he still dabbles.

Working with artists like Dax and living in California for a time, Peaceful Pinder began focusing on his music and honing his talents. He released his music for free, believing that in order to have a truly engaged and connected fan base they have to know who you are and believe in you. With hits like “Snakes," “Backwoods in Dubai," and “Senorita” he connected with thousands of fans that could relate to him in a genuine, everyday-life type of way. This success has built the wave of momentum that carries him all the way to the release of his album later this year.

PeacefulPinder prides himself on his versatility and ability to influence and connect with a wide variety of people. This stems from his vast array of life experience beginning with his childhood. You can hear this genuine inspiration in the lyrics of his songs, almost as if he has felt the experiences of your individual life and decided to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts. This desire to inspire positivity in the world can even be found in his name: “Pinder” being his last name and standing for the power of individuality that allows you to stand your ground in tough times and be consistent with your value and “Peaceful” being a reflection of his inner self and the battle he fights every day to focus on growth, positivity, and serenity. PeacefulPinder wants to “inspire people that come from every kind of background” and he is successfully using his music as a platform to do so.

With his debut album releasing later this summer you can find him playing shows at venues like The Nectar Lounge and Studio 7 in Seattle. You can also find him on all major streaming platforms and social media outlets as PeacefulPinder.

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