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Alkaline Trio with Drug Church, Worriers at The Novo DTLA in Los Angeles | March 29th, 2024

Review and Photos by Rae Mystic

Alkaline Trio rocking The Novo DTLA on March 29th in Los Angeles

Alkaline Trio embarked on a nationwide tour to promote their latest album, Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs, accompanied by Drug Church and Worriers. Their performance at The Novo DTLA was an exciting, energetic affair that captivated the audience from start to finish.

Worriers, a melodic punk rock band from Brooklyn, opened the night. Their raw yet emotionally resonant sound set the stage perfectly for the evening. Fronted by Lauren Denitzio, Worriers delivered a powerful performance, demonstrating their dedication to touring since the release of their two albums. Denitzio's acknowledgment of the transgender community and dedication of a song to them was a refreshing display of LGBTQIA+ representation in an industry often dominated by cis-het perspectives.

Worriers kicking off the night for Alkaline Trio at The Novo DTLA in Los Angeles on March 29th

Following Worriers, Drug Church, a melodic post-hardcore band from Albany, New York, took the stage as direct support. Their blend of aggression and melody, coupled with perfectly integrated synths, electrified the crowd. Frontman Patrick Kindlon's interactions with the audience added to the intensity of their set, despite some initial confusion regarding the appropriate response to their music. Drug Church's performance was a relentless display of energy, with Kindlon even urging the crowd to engage in crowd surfing and explaining to the crowd that security at the barricade was trained to catch them.

Drug Church playing as direct support for Alkaline Trio at The Novo DTLA in Los Angeles on March 29th

Finally, Alkaline Trio took the spotlight and opened their set with "Hot for Preacher '' from their latest album. The audience enthusiastically joined in, despite the album's release only two months prior. Throughout their performance, the band's dynamic lighting design enhanced the mood of each song, providing a visual journey through their discography. The band's onstage chemistry was palpable, with Skiba's gritty vocals complementing Adriano's melodic bass lines perfectly. Matt Skiba and Dan Adriano's seamless vocal interplay showcased the band's musical prowess, while their setlist balanced new material with beloved classics from albums like From Here to Infirmary and other past releases. 

They have aged like fine wine and have stayed true to their macabre lyrical imagery alongside themes of alcoholism and romance. Alkaline Trio's ability to seamlessly blend their new material with fan-favorite classics demonstrated their versatility as a band. From the anthemic choruses of "Private Eye" to ending the set with the haunting melodies of "Radio," each song carried its own weight, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Alkaline Trio performing at The Novo DTLA in Los Angeles on March 29th

Alkaline Trio's tour stop at The Novo DTLA was a testament to their enduring appeal and musical evolution. The night offered fans a memorable experience filled with passion and energy, supported by the complementary performances of Drug Church and Worriers.


Alkaline Trio


Drug Church



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