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Osa is the Definition of Genesis

Written by Camden Meyers

Photos Provided by Osa

The definition of genesis is the start or ways in which something is formed, and by that definition, there is a genesis beginning in Dallas, Texas. There are many nationally recognized monuments in the state where ‘everything is bigger’. From the Grassy Knoll to Dallas Cowboys stadium, everyone knows that big things happen in Texas. The next big thing, the next nationally recognized monument, and the next name that everyone will come to recognize is Osa. At 25 years old he has become a Swiss Army knife of musical talents with the technical skills necessary to independently record and produce his music. Osa is naturally talented and has the creativity to make killer hooks and rhythmic flows, and with this cocktail of musical spirits, he has enough to breakdown the tolerance of any hip-hop connoisseur with just one shot and, just like your favorite high-proof beverage, you’ll be back for more any time you’re in the mood for some fun and a turn-up.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Osa spent most of his young life separated from his parents. Having moved to the United States with the hopes of creating a better life for their family, Osa’s parents supported and encouraged their son from halfway across the globe in New York. Even with the adversity of time zones and a literal sea of miles, Osa always had a good relationship with his family, and reminisces fondly on the days when digitally translated voices sung praise for his musical talents and accomplishments in Nigeria. Later in life, Osa joined his family in New York and his stateside journey began, however you can clearly hear the influence of the safari continent in Osa’s music. When he is asked about the unique qualities of his sound, Osa credits his home country for his differentiation in today’s musical environment. Once in New York, Osa continued to learn and develop his craft. He went to school to study production and learned the technical skills necessary to develop beats that are completely original and professionally produced. He used his cultural differences as an advantage in his sound by blending his Nigerian accent with beats that resemble the incredibly popular sounds of both Travis Scott and Migos. This twist on the current trend is not only refreshing but also advances the sound forward, covering more distance on the plane of genre and style.

As I write this you can find two of Osa’s songs online – “Flash” and “Late Night." These equally catchy singles are accompanied by two intriguing music videos and are the very beginning of what you can expect from this Dallas-based artist. On August 27th of this year Osa plans to release his first EP entitled Forever Stars saying that, like the seemingly endless stream of light emitting from the stars in the galaxy, his music will forever be a bright spot in the musical horizon of the industry. This highly anticipated EP currently has 15 tracks and ensures that there is a banger for everyone listening. When asked why he plans to include such an unusually high number of tracks on his first EP, Osa said that he wants to provide as much variety and content to his fans as possible.

Having met Osa at The Rechordium, a studio in Arlington Texas and the home of one of the producers behind Post Malone’s Stoney album, I got to see first-hand the energy and excitement Osa has when he is in the studio. He’s a very genuine person, humble and talented, yet still maintains the aura of a superstar. As the year continues and the EP drops you will see Osa performing nationwide at a city near you, but for now, you can find him online by searching “Osa music” or on Instagram at callmee_osa . If you take nothing else from this article just remember the name Osa, because pretty soon everyone will know it.

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