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The Beaches with Boyish at Neumos in Seattle | February 15th, 2024

Review and Photos by Delaney Hawley

The Beaches playing at Neumos in Seattle on February 15, 2024 during their Blame My Ex Tour

When The Beaches are in town, it’s a show you won't want to miss. After a month off, their Blame My Ex Tour resumed on February 15th at Neumos in Seattle. This was the first of two sold-out nights in the city, and the energy in the room was electric with excitement.

Indie rock duo Boyish kicked off the night, showcasing their rockstar capabilities with impressive vocals and a fiery stage presence. Lead vocalist India spent most of the night running around on stage, jamming with guitarist Claire, and interacting with the adoring crowd. They ended their set with their popular song “FUCK YOU HEATHER” from their 2020 album Garden Spider.

Boyish opening for The Beaches at Neumos in Seattle on February 15, 2024

Once The Beaches hit the stage, you knew you were in for a treat. This band is stacked with talent, and each member exudes an effortlessly cool vibe from the moment they appear. They started their set off strong with the powerful track “T-Shirt.” Despite touring for their sophomore album, Blame My Ex, they performed a diverse selection of their releases, ensuring a well-rounded show.

The Beaches may be a young band, but they exhibit the expertise of seasoned professionals, creating an arena show atmosphere with impressive lighting and commanding stage presence. The band's thoughtful approach to their set was evident, with cohesive attire and lighting choices contributing to an aesthetically pleasing performance. Their synchronized moves and palpable chemistry captivate audiences, eliciting screams from fans during their jam sessions.

The Beaches playing at Neumos in Seattle on February 15, 2024 during their Blame My Ex Tour

Their song “Edge of the Earth,” currently trending on TikTok, was a major highlight of the evening, with its catchy chorus uniting the audience in song. The titular track, "Blame Brett," from their new album, also received an enthusiastic response. Lead singer Jordan Miller shared that its inspiration stemmed from a difficult breakup—a sentiment that resonated deeply with the crowd, as evidenced by their collective singing.

Before the night ended, guitarist and keyboardist Leandra Earl treated the front row to Skittles, earning applause and cheers as she tossed them into the crowd and poured them into fans' hands. The Beaches engaged with the audience, fostering a sense of inclusion, with each member actively utilizing the stage to ensure visibility for all attendees.

The Beaches playing at Neumos in Seattle on February 15, 2024 during their Blame My Ex Tour

The Beaches have earned their accolades, making them a band to watch. Their talent and growing popularity have led to sold-out shows within an hour. They've also announced an upcoming performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Don't miss the opportunity to see this dynamic band live.


The Beaches



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