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Frames in Motion


Album Review by Sheldon Hubbard

Trio Jack Shriner, Matt Butler, and David Solomon make up the influential vibrancy that is Seattle’s Frames in Motion. Their debut album, Euptablisses (which I swear I am still pronouncing wrong) is a powerful display of what a first album should sound like if you want people to be humming along to its tunes well after letting them sooth your ears. The multi-layered warmth of this band’s elemental sound is not only going to soothe your mind, it will bond and become friends with the little piece of soul within you that understands your fellow human.  

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Happy Heartbreak

Single Release:

"NMS (Hanoi)

By Sheldon Hubbard

The video opens with the band and some of their friends enjoying a dinner after playing shows together for an entire week. They are sitting amongst each other in the chaotic Old Quarter; the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam. The parenthetical title for their new single, NMS (Hanoi), isn’t just a metaphorical filler for their time spent there performing. Singer Craig Suede and a fellow guitarist actually lived there for a brief spell.

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